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    How Clarie Law Uses Cloud-Based Legal Practice Management Software to Run Their Firm


      American Lawyer Media’s Law Tech Newsletter published a case study detailing why Clarie Law decided to move their 12-person firm to an online legal practice management system, and how they use the software. It’s a comprehensive, insightful piece. Here’s a summary.

      From Windows to Mac to Online

      After talking to Mac lawyers at MILOfest, Steve Senentz, the firm’s administrator, who had already decided to move their on-premise, labor-intensive, legacy Windows systems to Mac, went one step further:

      For the first phase, I switched the entire office over to using Apple computers. From there I wanted to take the office even further — to a modern application or system that would improve our overall operations and efficiency.

      Choosing a cloud-based legal practice management software

      After testing a few cloud-based legal practice managment systems over the course of a few months, the firm chose Rocket Matter.
      Steve talks about some of the reasons they chose Rocket Matter, including intuitive navigation, mobile apps, quick-overview dashboards, the omni-present search bar, contacts and calendars, billing, invoicing, the client portal, and much more.
      Steve goes into detail about how the firm made the transition and their experience using the software. He discusses the features and integrations the firm loves and the ones they’ve yet to embrace. He also talks about some of the features and processes he’d like to see. It’s a good read for law firms who are thinking about implementing an online practice management system.
      Steve concludes:

      For our firm, “doing business” takes place everywhere and all the time — not just when we are in the office and sitting behind a desk. Being able to securely access critical information from anywhere and at any time is key for our continued success. We can respond to our clients at their time of need, while effectively capturing the relevant data as it happens. Running our law practice via the cloud just makes sense.

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