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    Clever (and Useful) Google Searches


      Sure, Google is a superb search engine with great tools and apps like Docs, Spreadsheets, Gmail and much more. But check out also, these clever, productivity-enhancing Google search shortcuts.
      1. Get a timer with a simple Google search – buzzer and all: In the Google search box, enter “Set Timer for 10 minutes.” An alarm buzzes at the end. Set it to 25 minutes for a focused “Pomodoro” project.
      2. Get local movie times – In the search box, enter the name of the movie and you’ll get movie listings at theaters in your area.
      3. Instant 5-day forecast – In the search box, enter “weather” and the name of the city.

      4. Check the status of your flight – In the search box, enter the name of the airline and your flight number to track the status of your flight.

      5. Reverse image search – Want to find out more about an image on your computer or you see on Facebook? Drag (or attach) it into the Google image search box.
      6. Find the score of today’s game – Want to quickly find out the score of a game that’s happening right now? Enter the name of any sports team and get the score with a snapshop of the team’s standings and win-loss record.

      7. Calculator – Enter “calculator” in the search bar to bring up a robust calulator. No more opening the calculator app on your computer or scrambling for one on your smartphone.

      BONUS: Open blank screen for a quick notepad in your browser – OK, this is more of a browser trick than a search trick, but it’s useful, so I’m including it as a bonus. Enter data:text/html, <html contenteditable> in your browser’s address bar to open a blank screen.

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