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    Cloud Computing for Lawyers – The ABA’s Tacit Endorsement of The Cloud


      Congratulations to Nicole (Niki) Black, social media and technology maven, on the publication of her new book Cloud Computing for Lawyers, published by the ABA’s Law Practice Management Section.

      We at Rocket Matter, providing the leading legal cloud computing practice management and time and billing software, are very excited about the book, which to us is further evidence of online legal software inevitability in 2012 and beyond.

      This isn’t just some crazy, out-there, revolutionary press that brought this book to market, it’s the ABA, which means to us, we as an industry have arrived.

      Congrats again to Niki for scoring a forward from leading legal business thinker Richard Susskind (The End of Lawyers), who introduces the book:

      In relation to cloud computing, this book provides the way.  Written by an individual who understands the law and technology, it is a punchy primer for lawyers who want to grasp the potential of cloud computing and do so quickly.

      I’ve just started reviewing Niki’s book and what I’ve seen so far is very readable and highly informative.  If you’ve been sitting back, watching this whole legal cloud computing thing develop before you take the plunge, this is a great book to get up to speed right away.  It’s not a technical volume, but rather explains how the cloud benefits a law practice, explains the techie mumbo-jumbo from a high level, and then delves into the pragmatic aspects for law firms.

      Stephanie Kimbro, another founding member of the Legal Cloud Computing Association and North Carolina lawyer, contributed a thorough chapter, “Ethical Implications of Cloud Computing in Law Practice” which lays out the issues of Model Rules and procedural rules as well.

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