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    Cloud Legal Software Goes Mainstream at the Florida Bar Annual Convention


      Last week, Rocket Matter exhibited our cloud legal software at the Florida Bar Annual Convention. Lemme tell ya something: the times, they are a changing.

      A couple of years ago, when we exhibited for the first time at The Florida Bar (our home state by the way as our HQ is in Boca Raton), very few attorneys had heard of cloud computing or how to manage a law firm with online software.

      This year, in a stark juxtaposition, we conversed with a surprisingly large number of attorneys educated in legal cloud computing and familiar with our brand. They recognized Rocket Matter as being synonymous with legal cloud computing and asked us informed questions.

      When we exhibit at ABA TechShow, the story is completely different and has been since we started exhibiting there in 2009: the folks attending that show are typically early adopters and fans of tech. But the bar convention is more the domain of the mainstream majority who are eager to sit back and hop on the most established and best options, like Rocket Matter, once they’ve been vetted.

      And they missed our flying cows and slingshot rockets trade show shwag, which we promise will return for 2013.

      The fact that Florida Bar attorneys are aware of legal cloud computing, and the amount of familiarity they had about Rocket Matter is another signal that the mainstream, not just the early adopters, are beginning to hop on en masse. The inevitable shift is well under way.

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