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    Congratulations to Jack, Rian, and the Clio Team


      We at Rocket Matter would like to offer a big congratulations to our legal cloud friends, Clio, for raising $20 million dollars in venture capital from Bessemer Venture Partners.
      Bessemer’s bet on Clio is a major validation of the legal cloud computing space. It’s a huge victory for SaaS practice management software providers and legal consumers alike. So, even though our Canadian friends and competitors now have an enormous war chest (I suggest they now buy a Gulfstream, BTW), we at Rocket Matter are feeling a little bit of victory ourselves and are waxing nostalgic.
      Six years ago, when Rocket Matter launched and pioneered the SaaS era in legal software, we faced an uphill fight of naysayers, legal IT consultants defending their turf with spurious claims, and enormous companies dominating the practice management space. Not long after our launch, Clio joined the space as well.
      We were forced to work together to change minds: along with Clio, Rich Granat of DirectLaw, and Steph Kimbro founder of VLO Tech, Rocket Matter founded the Legal Cloud Computing Association to combat misinformation and help guide state bar ethics committee thinking as they wrestled with cloud issues.
      In terms of where this will take the future of legal cloud computing, the law firm is the victor. Clio and Rocket Matter may have different ideas on how to fuel their growth: we like to grow mainly organically, which isn’t hard considering how fast our market is developing.
      Clio’s continued innovation forces us to keep our a-game on, and vice versa as well. We look forward to many more years of innovation-fueled competition and partying on their new Gulfstream.

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