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    Could Small Firms Rescue Law School Grads and Help Themselves?


      Could the legions of under-employed law school grads be efficient profit centers for small firms?

      CNN recently profiled law school grad “Shannon”, who racked up 60 grand in student loans after 4 years of college and 3 years of law school. She’s now makes $7.50 an hour plus tips at a coffee shop, and managed to land a part-time gig as a law clerk at $12 an hour.

      Shannon earned experience while in school at the DA’s office and graduated in the top half of her class. The report cites data from a 2009 NACE survey saying 60% of all college graduates did not receive an offer when they finished school, double the pre-recession numbers.

      It seems to me there’s a win-win for the legions of struggling, newly-minted lawyers and small firms.

      Small and solo firms, by contracting with these young attorneys, could scale their operations inexpensively, and the recent law school grads would gain experience and some additional pocket change to help pay down their debts.

      My advice to the young, under-employed law school grads: you may not obtain the ideal situation. But keep in mind with the Internet, everything’s local. You can work remote if you need.

      And to the small and solo firms: take a look at your operations and see if they could be made more profitable by locating an hiring young, eager talent that may or may not be in your geographic area.

      What do you think: wishful thinking or good idea?

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