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    Lawyers: Get Paid Faster with Custom Invoices


      As an attorney, you have your own personal brand. Everything from your business card to your website, to the way you dress and speak to others says something about you. Every moment of exposure you have with clients is an opportunity to reinforce your brand. So why would you send out ugly invoices?

      You might think, “Why should I care what my invoices look like? All I care about is whether or not my clients pay them”. DON’T LET THIS BE YOU.

      The invoices you send out to clients are as much a part of your personal brand as your logo. If you think about it, the invoice is what the client takes home. It’s all they have to remind them of the kind of attorney you are when they’re not sitting in front of you. Why leave them with something that’s ugly and sloppy?

      The last thing you want to do is come off confused and disorganized, or even worse, cheap! Cookie cutter invoices make you look pedestrian and inexperienced. Is that how you want to come off to clients?

      Still not convinced? How about this little diddy: did you know that well thought-out invoices are more likely to get paid than ugly and confusing ones? Take the two invoices below. Which of these two looks like it belongs to a firm that takes its job seriously? I”ll give you three guesses…

      So you see the importance of an impeccable invoice, but you still might have concerns over how to produce such documents and how long they might take to create.

      Fear not! Rocket Matter, the popular practice management software, gives its users the ability to create custom invoices quickly and easily, complete with your firm’s branding and style. Add your logo, change fonts and colors, and make it your own.

      Do you work in multiple practice areas and need different invoices for each case? No problem. Rocket Matter allows you to create and save multiple invoices and apply specific templates to certain matters. How marvelous!

      You can choose from one of six beautiful pre-formatted templates as your starting point, or you can create your own in Microsoft Word and upload it to the Rocket Matter program. Since your templates are integrated into the software, your invoices will always reflect your most up-to-date billing activity. It’s like “set-it-and-forget-it” when it comes to invoicing.

      It’s never too late to give your invoices a facelift. Create your templates and have them handy whenever they’re needed. Your clients will appreciate it, and in turn you’ll appreciate getting paid promptly.

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