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    Rocket Matter Launches Major Customer Service Initiative with Series of Feature Releases, Improved Infrastructure


      The online legal software provider builds out support department and responds to user feedback from a recent survey to improve the experience of their customers.

      Rocket Matter's Bulk Document Uploader now allows you to upload files as large as 10MB and you can upload media files.

      Rocket Matter’s Bulk Document Uploader now allows you to upload files as large as 10MB and you can now upload media files.

      Boca Raton, FL – Rocket Matter®, the leading online legal time and billing software for small to mid-sized law firms, today announces a series of product improvements to address the feedback of customers from the company’s June survey.

      The first release, named Uhura after the Star Trek character, addresses some specific suggestions for document uploads. Users can now upload and associate media files such as photographs, audio, and video with legal cases. Each individual file can be up to 10MB, and there’s no limit to the total size of document storage for Rocket Matter users. Other improvements in the Uhura release include user interface adjustments, a security upgrade, and bug fixes.

      “What’s exciting for us is our renewed and invigorated level of engagement with our customers,” says Larry Port, CEO of Rocket Matter. “We’re lucky to have a community of passionate users who directly engage me and our team and want to see us improve. It’s a great feeling to be able to listen to June survey feedback and respond as soon as July.”

      The Uhura release will be quickly followed by the Chekov release, which will address a number of usability issues as well as make Rocket Matter’s legal trust account functionality more robust and flexible. Other often requested features, including improved mobility, Quickbooks integration, and email integration, will be coming soon.

      In addition to the product-related customer service initiative, Rocket Matter is building out a new call center, hiring new support personnel, and investing in a higher-capacity phone system to handle the rapidly increasing volume of attorneys who are adopting their cloud-based platform.

      About Rocket Matter:

      Rocket Matter, LLC provides Rocket Matter®, the leading online legal practice management and time tracking application for small to mid-sized law firms. The benefits of Rocket Matter® include increased security, business continuity, decreased technology infrastructure and maintenance costs, and improved return on investment for information technology expenses. Launched in February 2008, Rocket Matter’s corporate headquarters is in Boca Raton, FL.

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