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    Case Study: Cynthia Gilbert Uses Rocket Matter to Manage Her Intellectual Property Practice at Hyperion Law


      Cynthia Gilbert founded Hyperion Law 15 months ago after leaving her position as senior attorney in the intellectual property department at one of the nation’s leading law firms.

      Cynthia values her six years at the large law firm, especially the access to great mentors, but her passion for working with growing companies propelled her to start Hyperion.

      Ms. Gilbert’s practice focuses on the strategic development of patent portfolios for a range of companies including computer technology start-ups, emerging companies, and established public companies.

      Rocket Matter from the Start

      During her time at her former employer, Cynthia learned about Rocket Matter as well as other online practice management tools for solos and small law firms. With her ear to the ground as a member of the firm’s technology committee, she was particularly intrigued by Rocket Matter and looked forward to testing out the software when she got the chance.

      The opportunity came when when she started Hyperion Law. “I wanted a billing and invoicing system with time entry associated with client matters. And I wanted the ability to access it from anywhere. It had to be cloud-based.”

      After trying out a few 30-day trial offers from a few other online practice management software systems, Cynthia chose Rocket Matter over the competition.

      Smart, Accessible and Easy-to-Use

      For Cynthia, Rocket Matter was the solution she was looking for. It was smart and cloud based, allowing her to access her case and billing information from anywhere. Plus, she found it easy to use:

      Rocket Matter matched my personal taste and was just easier and more intuitive.

      One thing that Cynthia really appreciates is Rocket Matter’s immediacy of information. In particular, she enjoys how the User Dashboard gives her a quick overview of tasks and calendar events for the day. “I can also view pending tasks for the week or even months ahead at a glance.”

      As she used the system, the conflicts checking tool became increasingly valuable . Users of the system associate their case files with people in Rocket Matter’s built-in contacts database. As such, it makes it very easy to see which cases involved which people, a normally difficult task for small-firm legal professionals.

      Cynthia finds time tracking and monthly invoicing in Rocket Matter to be one of the system’s core strengths. According to her, the “time entry process is a breeze”, especially the ability to bill directly from calendar appointments. And converting captured time into an invoice is extremely straightforward. Says Cynthia:

      The entire process, from client meeting to invoicing, is intuitive and streamlined.

      One of the more advanced features that Cynthia, a technophile and power-user, takes advantage of is the ability to design her own invoice in Rocket Matter. Users can upload a Word® document with their own formatting and letterhead, and chose which of Rocket Matter’s extensive billing information they wish to present to their clients. Overall, she adds:

      Rocket Matter just works.

      More Tech Tools

      We might be a technology company, but we can learn a thing or two from Cynthia, especially with the tools she’s familiar with. “I live and breathe technology,” she says. She has developed deep experience across a wide range of technology disciplines, including virtualization, cloud computing, mobile technologies and applications, and more stuff that would make your head spin.

      So we consider it a great honor that Cynthia would add Rocket Matter to her list of favorite technologies. Besides Rocket Matter, Cynthia uses an interesting range of tools, including the Google Apps suite of products, Noteleaf, and Xobni.

      Sign up for a live demonstration of Rocket Matter, and make your law firm as streamlined as Cynthia Gilbert at Hyperion Law.

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