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    Rocket Matter Internet Marketing Services Launches New Law Firm Website: Dell Family Law, P.C.


      Rocket Matter Internet Marketing Services is proud to display their latest law firm website, Dell Family Law, P.C., a firm based in Charleston, South Carolina. This firm prides itself on finding creative solutions for their clients’ unique issues in all areas of family law from divorce and mediation to child custody and parentage.

      Logo and Website

      Since family law can be highly stressful for clients, the Dell Family Law logo was created to reflect a sense of calm and serenity. Shades of blue were used in a sunburst pattern, a refreshing symbol of hope and rebirth. The pattern and modern font also set Dell Family Law apart from their competitors, who primarily use stiff, serif lettering and old-fashioned symbols of South Carolina. We wanted to make sure that potential clients understood that this is not your run-of-the-mill family law firm.

      The blue color scheme of the logo was continued throughout the entire site to promote a feeling of relaxation. Photos were chosen specifically because of their color scheme and positive imagery. The circle element, a symbol of trust, is also repeated throughout the website to tie back in with the logo.
      In terms of content, the Dell Family Law website makes sure that potential clients have access to as much information as possible. The practice areas section are explicitly detailed, showcasing the firm’s extensive knowledge of all areas of family law. There is also an FAQ and Resource page, giving visitors access to a wide range of information that will surely put them at ease.

      Dell Family Law Website Homepage

      Social Media Design

      Since there are many negative images associated with family law, we decided to stick with neutral imagery of children. The website features several banner images of silhouetted children, so we decided to carry over that theme into the social media. Also featured prominently is the firm’s tagline and contact information. Once approved, the design was then adapted to fit the custom sizes of each social media channel.

      Mobile Responsive

      Since internet searches on mobile phones are on the rise, so we wanted to make sure that visitors to the Dell Family Law website had the same viewing experience regardless if they were using a mobile phone or desktop computer.

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