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    Digital Nation: A Documentary Exploring Our Over-Connected Society


      “Responsibly Connected” is a seminar I present which deals with how to use technology responsibly.

      The odd thing is, whenever I present on this topic, people come up to me afterwards and pour their hearts out about how Internet-connectedness has gotten to the point of interfering with the family. I feel like a therapist, not a CLE speaker.

      So I was happy to see a Frontline® documentary on PBS about this very topic called Digital Nation: Life on The Virtual Frontier. I actually was able to rent it from our local library. (Call me a luddite, but I still like to watch TV on a TV, and I also read library books).

      The film opens with a disturbingly familiar scene: family members around a kitchen table all on different connected devices. It explores a lot of the subject matter we’ve covered on this blog about multitaskers, who have convinced themselves are über-efficient but in reality are “suckers for irrelevancy,” as one UCLA researcher put it.

      What I liked about the documentary, for fans of this topic, is it explores multiple facets of the connectivity phenomenon. Relationships, virtual reality, addiction, and war are all covered. So now, in this second year of our digital overload awakening, the ruminations from technology philosophers like Nick Carr combine with this depiction of the human toll.

      The result: we’re starting to see a total picture of the smartphone-laptop-Internet-tablet-social media-email-multitasking society we’ve become.

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      PS: Thanks to my colleague Raymond Lee for the recommendation.

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