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    How Boxcryptor Makes Dropbox More Secure For Law Firms


      Dropbox is one of the most popular business apps used by attorneys. To allay security concerns, the service offers two-step verification and other modern encryption methods to transfer and store your data.

      Encryption applications like Boxcryptor add another layer of security by encrypting files before they’re added to Dropbox. During a recent email conversation, I asked Boxcryptor to explain how the service works and they threw in an offer for lawyers.

      Stories From Lawyers on How They Use Dropbox

      From Boxcryptor:

      Lawyers know how important it is to secure the exchange of sensitive documents like contracts, wills or records with clients and partners. Sending them via email is often the solution of choice for most – but not a secure one.

      For those who want to securely exchange their files we recommend using the cloud and encrypting sensitive files before uploading them.

      Boxcryptor encrypts your data locally on your own computer, your smartphone or your tablet before the files leaves your device. The provider only receives encrypted data and you benefit from all advantages of the cloud, without compromising on security.

      If a client wants to access an encrypted file, Boxcryptor allows you to easily share access with him or her and then only this client can decrypt the file. Even large data can be easily exchanged with business partners or colleagues and retrieved at anytime and anywhere.

      What’s more, Boxcryptor is available for all main platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Google Chrome and supports many providers (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and more).

      Boxcryptor is developed in a way that allows you to use it with no technical background so you can easily and quickly secure your sensitive files.

      Convinced? Email with the keyword lawyer20 to receive a special 20% discount on a yearly Boxcryptor licenses (regular price: US-$ 96 per year).

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