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    Top 10 Dropbox Tips and Tricks


      Dropbox is an excellent file storage, synching, and collaboration tool that you can use on your computer and mobile devices. But you already knew that. Here are a few Dropbox tips and tricks that you probably don’t know:
      1. Restore deleted files – Dropbox keeps files for 30 days after you’ve deleted them. To restore a file, access your Dropbox account on the web and hover over the trash bin icon to “Show deleted files.” Right-click (Control+Enter on a Mac) to restore deleted (grayed out) file.
      2. Get free space – Dropbox comes with 2 GB of free space and you can pay to upgrade to a Pro (100 GB) or Business (1000 GB) account. But you can get lots of free space without paying:

      • For every friend you refer to Dropbox you get 500 MB of bonus space (up to 16 GB).
      • Connect your account to Facebook and Twitter and you’ll get an additional 125 MB space for each. Follow Dropbox on Twitter for another 125 MB.

      3. Save photos automatically – Do you email pics from your phone to store or edit on your computer? Worried about losing pics on your iPhone or Android device? Worry no more. Go to “Settings” and turn on “Camera Upload.” Choose “Only Wi-Fi” to protect your data allowances and the pics you snap on your phone will be automatically uploaded to your Dropbox account.

      4. Sync selective files only – If you’re concerned about space on your computer or have Dropbox installed on multiple computers, you can choose to sync only selected files to each computer. Right-click (Control+Enter on a Mac) the Dropbox icon on your computer, choose “Preferences” and “Advanced.” Click on “Saved Settings” and choose which files you want synced to that computer.
      5. Offline access – Favorite select files on your mobile device for later viewing in places without internet access – like the subway or airplane. The file(s) marked as favorites will be downloaded to your device for offline access.
      6. Enable Two-Step verification for added security – If you have the option to ramp up security, do it. An additional step is worth the hassle. Go to “Settings” and under the “Security” tab, enable two-step verification. Now, when you install Dropbox on another computer or device, you’ll need a password and the additional security code.
      7. Easy link sharing – Right-click or control-click on the file, choose “Dropbox” and “Share Link” to quickly email, IM or text message documents, photos and videos to friends and colleagues with a unique link. Friends – even those without a Dropbox account – who click the link will get an instant preview of the file or folder in their browser.
      8. Speed up file uploads – Files taking a bit too long to upload? Dropbox automatically limits file upload rates. To change this, Click on the Dropbox icon on your computer and go to “Preferences.” Under the “Network” tab, change Upload Rate to “Don’t Limit.”

      9. Backup Your WordPress website or blog to Dropbox – Backing up is a no-brainer, yet we neglect it. Instead, automate the process. WordPress makes it easy with the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin: Choose a day, time and how often you wish a backup to be performed and your files will be dropped in Dropbox.
      10. Stream music on any device – Create a folder on your computer of favorite tracks and drag it into Dropbox. Now you’ll be able to listen to music on any devices connected to your Dropbox account. You might want to get some of the free additional space that we talked about earlier before doing this.
      Other tips? Please share in the comments below.
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