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    New E-Book: The Paperless Law Office


      Converting your law firm to a paperless operation can seem like an insurmountable challenge. After all, you’re practically swimming in endless paper, filing cabinets, manila folders and copiers. But it’s a change you can’t afford not to make and it’s simpler than you think.

      Imagine an ecosystem where all of your documents are scanned and stored electronically. Now imagine being able to access them from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Monthly billing is morphed from a two day marathon to a 30-minute sprint. Tedious manual searches through file folders are replaced with instantly rendered global electronic searches.

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      The Paperless Law Office E-Book provides a roadmap for one of the most important transitions your firm will undertake. It examines essential systems, tools, and digital workflows that allow everyone at the firm to operate quickly and effectively in a paperless environment. It explains how to organize, archive and access your important documents and case files digitally, leveraging both the cloud and the power and convenience of your computer and mobile devices.

      Hear from a law firm that went paperless, the process they went through, the protocols and conventions they established, the challenges they faced, and of course, the triumphs.

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