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    The Easiest Way for Lawyers to Collect Retainer Payments

      When you’re working with new and potential clients, collecting retainer payments can be tricky. Often, clients don’t follow through with your services, and you’ve spent a lot of administrative time getting them set up.

      When we designed this workflow in Rocket Matter, we made it as easy as we possibly could. All you need to do is create a contact record- which can just be first name, last name, and email- and select an option we have called “Retainer Request”. You don’t even have to create an invoice (or a matter)!

      Clicking on "Request Retainer" from within our menu bar will send an email to your client (or soon-to-be client) requesting an amount you specify.  And with our powerful payment processing integration, your clients can pay online via debit card, credit card, or eCHeck. Voila! Your retainer is funded.

      Payments are conveniently paid to your trust or operating account and your accounts will automatically be updated.

      See it in action!  Our head trainer, Saturna Perez, shows you how collect retainer payments in this a 29-second video:

      If you'd like to see more, you can schedule a FREE demonstration with one of our legal practice management experts!

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