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    New E-Book: Working Remotely – The Telecommuter’s Guide to the Galaxy


      The Working Remotely series is now a handy E-Book with an awesome title and graphics produced by our uber-talented team. But don’t let the cute packaging fool you – it’s chock full of useful, actionable stuff. Here’s a summary:
      Working remotely – or telecommuting, a term coined way back in 1973 – saves money, improves productivity, and creates greater access to talent.
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      This book identifies the advantages of working remotely and how workers and employers can optimize productivity, streamline processes, and adopt best practices. If you’re considering working remotely or moving your practice to all all-remote workforce, check out this book for insight and recommendations to help you along the journey.
      Table of Contents:

      • Working Remotely: The Many Benefits
      • Traits of an Effective Telecommuter
      • How to Manage Work-at-Home Employees
      • A Productive Home Office
      • Managing Solitude
      • Communication and collaboration
      • Managing Distractions
      • Managing Time, Boundaries, and Balance
      • Evaluating Employee Performance
      • Company Culture Beyond the Office Walls
      • Have Computer, Will Travel
      • How Lee Rosen Moved His Law Firm to an All-Remote Workforce
      • Lawyers Working Remotely: Using a Practice Management System

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