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    Electronic Signatures for Lawyers Included in Rocket Matter Pro & Premier Tiers


      Electronic signatures for lawyers is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

      Perhaps that’s going a bit too far. But the reality is that electronic signatures, commonly known as eSignatures, greatly reduce operational complexity. More importantly, this terrific tech makes life easier for lawyers, their clients, and everyone they interact with.

      What used to involve the time and expense of sending out documents for signatures – and awaiting their return– can now be accomplished in a couple of clicks. Expensive overnight packages no longer need to sit on clients’ desks for unpredictable periods of time.

      With eSignatures, there’s no cause for procrastination: you click and you’re done.

      Rocket Matter is pleased to offer amazing electronic signatures for lawyers through a partnership with our sister company, LexShare.

      True to our philosophy of making the lives of lawyers a whole lot easier, our e-signature offering is radically simple. Instead of logging into an entirely different application, you can send out docs for signing from Outlook.

      Powerful LexShare App Included in Rocket Matter Premier

      LexShare is currently a standalone product included with Rocket Matter’s Pro and Premier tiers.

      The value for law firms is great. Not only will you get all of the, rich functionality of  Rocket Matter’s Pro and Premier tiers, but you’re getting a powerful document Swiss Army knife as well. LexShare replaces the functionality of DocuSign, and as we will see, it also replaces Dropbox or Box as well.

      Net result? Law firms gain a smoother eSignature and document sharing workflow and save thousands of dollars each year.

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      LexShare Enables Electronic Signatures for Lawyers in Outlook

      You can use LexShare from your favorite browser, just like DocuSign, HelloSign, or any of the other eSignature products on the market. You can upload a PDF and drag and drop signature elements to the corresponding place in your document.

      However, surpassing those products, LexShare also allows you to create eSignature documents directly inside of the tool you spend most of your day using: Outlook.

      How LexShare Sends eSignature Docs from an Attorney’s Email

      Setting up LexShare is a breeze. It’s as simple as activating an add-in from the Microsoft app store– and Rocket Matter’s seven-time award-winning support team can help you if you run into trouble.

      As you can see in the animation below, when you create an email for a client, you click on the LexShare icon in your toolbar which brings up an Outlook sidebar. From there, you have three options: send a file, request a file, or request a signature.

      Electronic signatures for lawyers inside of Outlook

      Once you upload your file and set up your document security, you can base your eSignature document off an existing template that you use all the time (like an engagement letter or fee agreement). Alternately, you can customize the eSignature document directly inside of Outlook.

      Below, you can see a drag-and-drop creation screen. This is all taking place inside of Outlook.

      Lawyers can drag signature fields onto an e-signature document inside of Outlook

      Send eSignature Requests Directly from Your Law Firm’s Email Address

      Another thing that makes LexShare’s eSignature product unique is that your signer receives an email directly from you. They are not receiving an email from DocuSign or some other platform with an anonymous or unfamiliar email address.

      This functionality is critical in today’s email environment. Because of the prevalence of spam and phishing attacks, email filters trap unknown senders, causing eSignature documents to get lost in junk, spam, and trash folders.

      It’s one thing to get a sharp, tech-savvy person to comb through their junk mail to find an email. Try doing this with someone who's a bit more technically challenged. By sending eSignature documents via Outlook, you eliminate this problem.

      Additionally, when you send an eSignature from your own email, you preserve your own brand when you interact with others. Your communication and your messaging is 100% your own.

      Secure File-sharing for Lawyers

      LexShare doesn’t stop with eSignature. As its name implies, it is a full-fledged file-sharing application. It is also a document management software like Dropbox or Box.

      What makes LexShare different is the un-portal-like approach it takes in getting your documents to the intended recipients. In reality, clients don’t like (and often avoid using) document portals. And law firm staffers often dislike portals because they serve as tech support for the clients who lose their passwords or just can’t figure them out. From the LexShare website:

      The secret’s out, clients don’t like to use client portals. Your [software vendor] told you that their client portal will be a great way to send and receive files with your clients, but it turns out that none of them actually use it! A handful of clients will like using a portal, but the majority of them would rather get their files through email, in person, or in their mailbox.

      Instead of uploading files back and forth to a portal that clients don’t want to use, LexShare employs secure email. In the below gif, we see how simple it is to attach a secure file to an email using LexShare.

      Secure file sharing in Outlook for lawyers

      Without LexShare, if you send someone a confidential file by email, you might as well be posting the information on a billboard. Email sends your files in cleartext (i.e., not encrypted), where they bounce around multiple servers before they reach their final destination. The hard truth is you’re in violation of model rule 1.6 on client confidentiality.

      With LexShare, you can set up a passcode your client will easily remember, like the last four digits of their cell phone or social security number. Or you can lock the file down with whatever password you prefer.

      LexShare is a Legal Document Management Software Tool

      Like Dropbox and Box, LexShare allows you to store documents in the cloud in a folder structure.

      As we’ve seen, LexShare, also includes convenient electronic signatures for lawyers. This means that you gain access to a powerful workflow where you store your documents and send them out for eSignature without having to bounce between multiple programs.

      Talk to a Rocket Matter account executive today and see how easy it is to get started with eSignature and file-sharing for lawyers. Contact our team at 866-710-1845 or schedule a free personalized demo!

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