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    5 Ways to Build an Effective Email Marketing List For Your Firm


      Email marketing may not be the shiniest tool, but it’s still one of the best ways to market your product or service, share news and other useful information, and nurture relationships.

      And often, email newsletters send more visitors to the firm’s website, and result in more content downloads and event signups than other non-paid efforts, including social media.

      It all starts with a robust, organically-grown, email list. Here are a few ways to build an effective email marketing list.

      1. Website – Add email opt-in forms on your website. It doesn’t get any better than a visitor to your site who wants to learn more about the services you offer. Have multiple email sign-up forms: in the sidebar above the fold, in the footer, on your “About” page, or on a dedicated landing page.

      2. Blog – You spend lots of time and effort creating useful content. Put an email or newsletter sign-up form on your blog so your faithful readers don’t miss a post. Like forms on your website, email sign-up forms should be in multiple locations on your blog. Some bloggers include a form at the end of every post. Pop-up forms are very effective.

      3. E-Books and White Papers – Turn a series of blog posts into an E-Book, or write an original white paper. Create a landing page for each with a sign-up form to get the PDF. Promote the book on social media and with paid ads and you’ll reap significant rewards.

      4. Webinars – Offer monthly webinars with useful, relevant topics. Registrants enter their email address to sign-up and attend.

      5. Social Media – Offer promotions on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that requires an email address to enter. Be careful here: you don’t want to offer an iPad promotion and get tons of useless email addresses, many of whom will opt out soon after. It’s better to get fewer, but more relevant email addresses. So offer something that’s related to the services you offer.

      Once you’ve put in the effort over time to crate an effective email list, remember to provide value every time you send an email or else your readers will unsubscribe and the list you worked so hard to build will evaporate.

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