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    Is Evernote Still Safe For Lawyers to Use?


      Is Evernote Still Safe For Lawyers to Use?

      “Trust is at the heart of our service. That means we need to be transparent, admit our missteps, and commit to making the Evernote experience the best it can be, from the way the app functions across platforms to the way we communicate with the people who use it.” – Evernote CEO Chris O’Neill

      The quote above was included in a blog post, Evernote Revisits Privacy Policy Change in Response to Feedback. Feedback? More like a public outcry, which in today’s world, means a Twitter fracas.

      This all stemmed from Evernote’s initial decision to allow some of their employees to view user data to track and improve its machine learning capabilities and algorithms with no apparent way to opt out. A firestorm of criticism predictably ensued and Evernote quickly backtracked. Seems to be a pattern these days: A/B test a company’s proposed decision on Twitter. The platform did not disappoint. Go, Twitter!

      It’s no secret that we love Evernote here on the Legal Productivity Blog. See: How Lawyers Use Evernote. We’ve also discussed privacy issues in Client Confidentiality and the “Reasonable Care” Standard.

      So when the news broke, I received a few inquiries about whether it’s safe for lawyers to use Evernote. I’m glad I took a breath before responding. Yes, it’s safe. Nothing has changed since Evernote walked back the proposed change.

      However, it’s a good idea to keep track of what Evernote is doing and implement safeguards such as two-factor authentication, strong passwords, encryption, and other privacy and security measures. See: Evernote’s security overview and Evernote’s Action Plan for Privacy.

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