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    Excellent Design Counts in Legal Practice Management


      One of Rocket Matter’s major differentiators over its competitors, both new and old, SaaS or installed, is the focus on the end-user experience.  People pay us the highest compliment that software creators could hear:  Rocket Matter is more “Mac-like” or looks like it was “designed by Apple.”  Or better yet, that it’s “fun to use”!

      Design is extremely near and dear to our hearts.  Why is this so?  Because one of our founders is, by trade, a designer. 

      Ariel Jatib, Rocket Matter’s Chief User Experience Designer, drives forward the vision of our product, leveraging techniques from a variety of disciplines: Information Architecture, User Experience Design, Web Design, and even Library Science. In the coming weeks we’ll be exploring these diverse disciplines and Ariel’s ideas in designing the product.

      The other founding partner of Rocket Matter is me, Larry Port.  My background in visual arts, having worked in photography and film, encouraged me to pursue client-facing web development when I made the transition to engineering.  So I became a UI programmer and JavaScript expert.

      So there you have it: a legal technology company founded by an innovative Experience Designer and an engineer who can deliver that vision. And that’s the difference in the game.

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