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    Expand Your Law Firm Marketing With Content-Driven Marketing And JD Supra


      Attention all ye legal peeps looking to expand the reach of their voice on the Internet. How much are you using JD Supra? I bet not enough.

      I have to admit, when I first saw JD Supra I had the same reaction I had to Twitter: I just didn’t get it or why attorneys would use it. Now I am older and wiser and see the folly of my youth.

      Just as I came to understand the value of Twitter, I began to appreciate the allure of using JD Supra from a content-driven marketing perspective.

      For those unfamiliar with the term content-driven marketing, it’s B.S. consultant-speak to describe how blogs, newsletters, and other web content combine to drive traffic to your online presence.

      Ignoring, for a second, the value of finding high quality legal documents on JD Supra, the site’s value in my most humble of opinions is twofold.  First, you can leverage existing content from your blog, listserv emails, or industry publications and expose it to more eyeballs.  By uploading your content to JD Supra, you add more crawlable text to Google’s thirsty search spiders and position yourself to have an article sent out in a JD Supra email blast. And because of JD Supra’s integration with LinkedIn and Facebook, your persona on those outlets gets beefed up by your uploaded and shared docs.

      (Just make sure you have all proper permissions from copyright holders before you upload something).

      The other great thing from a content producer’s perspective is getting ideas for more content. In fact, before composing this post I checked out JD Supra’s monthly digest of articles. You can see what subjects are trending and what people are writing about.   For example,  in the case of September 2010, I counted two articles on Alternative Fee Arrangements.

      Instead of picking a topic from the list this time, it occurred to me to share the love and talk about how we use JD Supra here at Rocket Matter.   Not only is it a repository of our articles, but an extension of our voice and an important source of seed ideas.

      You can check out our JD Supra profile here.

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