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    Case Study: Family Lawyer Colby Hall’s Software of Choice: Rocket Matter


      Colby Hall is a Maryland family lawyer who believes that finding creative solutions to complex issues is far superior to adversarial litigation in court. His family law practice, The Law Office of Colby S. Hall, LLC, is focused on helping his clients achieve the results they desire in a respectful, dignified, and cost-effective manner.

      Colby’s firm offers a number of processes designed to help families shift from dispute to resolution effectively, and with as little financial and emotional cost as possible. Colby is a trained mediator and is certified in Collaborative Family Law. His passion for alternative dispute resolution is displayed in his tag line for his practice, “creative solutions in family law”, reflecting a tailored approach for each client that’s unique and focused on their specific needs.

      A sophisticated product for a sophisticated firm

      Colby is similarly passionate about managing his law office efficiently. After a decade practicing law, he founded his firm in 2008 with a vision to build a unique, cutting edge firm; a true boutique family law practice. He wanted more than an Excel spreadsheet, he wanted a law practice management system that reflected his sophisticated vision.

      After extensive research on cloud-based systems, Colby determined that Rocket Matter was exactly what he needed. “I’m not a computer guy and cloud based technology was fairly new at the time but the more I learned about it, it seemed much less risky than installing software on a local drive,” says Colby. “Rocket Matter was easily the best option.”

      How does using Rocket Matter help clients?

      In addition to his duties managing his firm, Colby is president of a local chapter of collaborative professionals and a member of the Board of Trustees of a private school. “My time is valuable, and I want to spend as much time working on behalf of my clients, not dealing with technology,” says Colby. He finds Rocket Matter to be an intuitive system that simply works.

      The test that I apply is, “how does this help my client?” Is this something that’s going to be a value added for the client? And that’s the sense I got with Rocket Matter – that it was going to help me to provide better service to my clients. I get to focus on my client work, period. Rocket Matter does the rest. I’m an attorney, not an IT professional.

      Colby didn’t need a manual. Rocket Matter worked right out of the box: clear, intuitive, and easy to understand and navigate.

      Intuitive and user friendly

      Colby found Rocket Matter to be very forward thinking, contemporary, sophisticated, even different, but in a really good way. “Sure people have concerns about something new and unknown, but Rocket Matter just works. It’s that simple,” says Colby. He found it to be the most intuitive and user friendly of all the applications he tested – similar to the Apple products that he favors.

      Easy billing, calendaring and invoicing

      Colby uses the billing feature every day to track time and generate invoices and reports. Colby recounts, “Just this morning I was meeting with a client and we were nearing the end of the engagement. I was able to pull up past invoices and documents quickly and easily using Rocket Matter. It’s one of my favorite and frequently used features.”

      Colby also uses Rocket Matter’s task tracking and calendaring tools and appreciates the User Dashboard which provides a quick view of tasks and calendar events, as well as the Matter Dashboard for a quick view of related documents, notes, invoices and more.

      U.S.-based support is tops

      Colby appreciates the excellent support that Rocket Matter offers. He says, “Your crack support team is one of the top reasons to get and stay with Rocket Matter. My experience has always been very good, they follow up quickly, meeting and exceeding my expectations. I like the fact that support is U.S based. They understand my needs and my firm’s needs. I get the sense that Rocket Matter is like my own firm – just the right size to give me personalized service.”

      And I love the monthly webinars covering the latest tools, practices and technology to help me manage my law office!

      A mobile family law practice

      “I like the new iPhone app, the ability to access information from anywhere in the world,” says Colby. “I travel in and outside the United States and am able to work on client matters wherever I am – on my iPad, MacBook, or iPhone.”

      With the Rocket Matter iPhone app, Colby can quickly access important client data on the go, record client-specific billable activity as it occurs, and view and add contact data and calendar events, anytime from anywhere.

      Colby concludes, “We all work to make a living and support our families, but at the end of the day it’s really nice to feel like you’re doing something to improve people’s lives – helping good people who are going through a difficult process. Rocket Matter helps me focus on my clients without worrying about the technology.”

      I’ve been with Rocket Matter for a long time and it’s become an integral part of my firm.

      Colby is a leader who wanted to create a sophisticated, boutique family law firm. He needed a law practice management system. He accomplished both.

      Sign up for a live demonstration of Rocket Matter, and make your law firm as productive and streamlined as Colby Hall

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