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    App of the Week: Fantastical – An Elegant iPhone Calendar


      Fanastical, the Mac calendar you’ll actually enjoy using now comes in an iPhone flavor and lives up to its billing.

      The standout feature is the DayTicker. At a glance, you can view your schedule for the next five days. The 5-day calendar row appears across the top with color-codes designations for the each day’s events. Tap on a day and you get a list view of your schedule for that day. The five-day calendar remains static across the top so you can quickly tap on another day to view your schedule. This is an improvement over the iPhone’s native calendar’s list view.

      The more typical monthly calendar view is a quick finger swipe away. Pull down on the DayTicker and a monthly calendar will replace it. Swipe left or right to view other months.

      Another gentle swipe down reveals a search bar that allows you to search by title, location, invitees, or across all fields. Another improvement over the native app.

      Other features include the option to add calendar evens using natural language, like, “skype sync-up with mike tomorrow at 9:15am”, and voice-enabled entries.

      Fatastical is available at the App Store for $1.99

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