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    February Prizes : Win a Meteor, Space Shuttle Tile, or Sally Ride Autograph!


      Sign up an additional Rocket Matter user in the month of February and enter to win our “New User Sweepstakes”!

      This month, in honor of the decommissioning of the space shuttle and the discovery of thousands of additional extrasolar planets, the theme is “Stuff from Space”.

      If you add a user to your Rocket Matter account (for new installs, user #1 doesn’t count!) you get a chance to win the following:

      * First Place: A tile from an actual space shuttle complete with authenticity documents.
      * Second Place: A meteor. A piece of outer space for your office!
      * Third Place: A book on the solar system autographed by the first American woman in space, Sally Ride.
      * Fourth Place: Tang : The Astronaut Drink

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