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    February Promotion: Free Amazon Echo Dots for New Rocket Matter Customers


      Sign up for Rocket Matter and receive a free Amazon Echo Dot
      Since you can now speak your time entries to Rocket Matter via our Tali integration, we’ve decided to hand out free Amazon Echo Dots to all of our new customers this month. Click here for more details and to get registered.
      If you’ve been waiting for that excuse to modernize your practice this year, you can use our Echo Dot promo to finally take action. Think of how efficient your law firm would be if you used Rocket Matter.
      You could email out all of your invoices with the click of a button, provide a means for your clients to pay online, and now, instead of using your hands to track time, you can say things like this:
      “Alexa, tell Tali to start an activity for Garcia.”
      “Alexa, tell Tali to record 10 minutes to Jones for ‘meeting with client.’”
      And on a totally unrelated note, you can also say:
      “Alexa, play the The Greatest Showman soundtrack.”
      (Trust me, someone in my family says those exact words. Every. Single. Day!)
      Free Amazon Echo Dot Q&A
      Can I sign up, get the Echo Dot, then cancel?
      We’ve thought of that and the answer is “No.” This is for people who commit to using Rocket Matter for a year and do not cancel during the money-back guarantee period. If, after a year, you want to part ways, feel free to keep the Echo Dot.
      Does the Echo Dot work out of the box with Rocket Matter?
      The Echo Dot works with Tali, an inexpensive subscription that allows for verbal timekeeping and seamlessly integrates with Rocket Matter.
      Will I be the first attorney in my community that speaks their time entries?
      Likely yes. Wow your friends and your clients and definitely build some street cred.

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