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    ForbesAdvisor - The Best Legal Billing Software Of 2022 Features Rocket Matter in Web-based Legal Software Article


      We’re a little behind the times on our company blog now that we rolled out Legal Productivity, our new content blog. We’re busy developing content for it so we’ve neglected all news about Rocket Matter the company.

      Alas! We’ve had a lot going on. One of the things we’re most excited about is our recent mention in The article,Lawyers Leveraging Web-Based Software, profiles several of our clients talking about how they use Rocket Matter to improve their practice.

      Ariel Jatib, our designer, talks about our product philosophy of making life easier for attorneys. The writer, David Carr, discusses the advances software like ours gives to practicing attorneys, and how web access increases mobility and consequently productivity. Our customers, bless ’em, talk about how happy they are with our service. Good stuff. Read it here.

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