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    Four Can’t-Miss Tips for More Law Firm Website Conversions


      As of late, we’ve been writing a ton about virtual law firms and the need for a pretty killer website. Regardless of whether your practice is online or at a brick-and-mortar location, it goes without saying that your online presence should exist for one reason and one reason only: to convert visitors into paying clients.

      Don’t get me wrong; your website should also be informative. But unless visitors have a simple and clear pathway to conversion, your site is essentially worthless. Here are four things you can do on your law firm website to make sure that you increase your chances of conversion.

      Have a Clickable Phone Number in Your Header

      There are two things I know to be true. The majority of internet searches are now being done on mobile devices, and the copy-paste functionalities on these mobile devices are absolutely horrendous (try teaching your technologically impaired parent how to “tap, hold and release”. It ain’t happening.).

      Save your visitors the aggravation by making sure the phone number on your website is in a high-traffic location such as your header. Not only that, make sure it’s interactive! By working just a little bit of html magic, you can make it so that your phone number, when tapped on, will automatically initiate a phone call. Easy peasy.

      Check out this short tutorial HERE.

      Have a Compelling Call to Action

      A call to action,or CTA, is a button or a banner that prompts someone to click on it and do something. You might have seen CTA’s on website that prompt you to download an e-book, sign up for a mailing list, fill out a contact form, etc. The possibilities are endless!

      Examples of CTA’s:

      The main CTA running throughout your site should be for a visitor to contact you. It can be done in the form of a graphic or text. Make sure your CTA is incredibly obvious and appears on multiple pages throughout your site, not just the home page. You want to give visitors as many opportunities as possible to contact you without them having to navigate back to previous pages or wasting precious time looking for a form to fill out.

      It’s not enough to have your call to action on each page of your site, but you must make sure that your CTA is compelling and stands out. There are a few ways to achieve this:

      • Make sure to chose a color for your CTA that sets it apart from other content on the page. You want peoples’ eyes drawn to it. Take care that the color doesn’t clash, otherwise it might have a negative effect on visitor conversion.
      • Place your CTA high on the page. You don’t want a visitor to work hard to find it! In today’s society of minuscule attention spans, you want to make sure your CTA is one of the first things people see on each page.
      • Use simple, strong wording to create a sense of urgency to get visitors to click and convert. “Call Us” is ok, but “Call Us Now for a Completely FREE Consultation” is much better. You may also choose to add some pronouns to personalize your CTA even further. “Call Now for YOUR Completely Free Consultation”. That’s the ticket.

      Use Trust Badges

      The internet has made our society a culture of visual consumption, and the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” has more merit than ever before. Colorful, easy-to-recognize badges will go a long way.

      But what are these “badges” that I am referring to? If you’ve ever won any awards or accolades in the legal world, there is usually an accompanying visual “badge” to go with it that you can show off. These badges are known as “trust badges”, because they show to the world your experience, recognition, trustworthiness and credibility without you having to type a single word.

      Some prime examples of legal “trust badges” are those from Super Lawyers, Avvo, and Martindale-Hubbell. You can normally retrieve the code for these badges from your profile on these sites to make it easy for you to add them to your own webpage.

      Examples of trust badges:

      Make Sure Your Contact Forms are Easy to Fill Out

      You can have the best looking legal site in all the land, but if your contact form is so long that a potential client needs the entire afternoon to fill it out, you’ve got a problem. Ask for only the bare minimum on your contact forms; name, phone, and email will suffice in most cases. Any more than that and you greatly increase the likelihood of people bouncing from your site without filling out anything at all.

      Try to personalize the submit button as well! Make your visitors believe that the form is going to a human being and not just to some random inbox in cyberspace. For example: try using “Contact Me” instead of “Submit”.

      Of course, it’s always best to A/B test the heck out of everything to see what works best with your demographic. There are certain sites such as that will allow you to test out variations of anything on your site and see what works best. Keep trying out new ideas and keep those conversions coming!

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