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    [Free Webinar] Connecting in the Digital Age


      Free Webinar- Connecting in the Digital Age
      In this day and age, it’s vital that you connect with potential clients online. Having the right content on your website can drive traffic to your firm and help you capture new leads. So what kind of content? When it comes to SEO, Google favors concise short-form web videos. In other words, using online videos for marketing is critical.
      In this webinar, you’ll learn about the importance of connecting with possible clients online and how using videos for marketing can help you reach more prospects than ever before.
      Join Us Wednesday, March 8th form 12:00-1:00PM Eastern
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      Corey Saban of THELAW.TV
      An Emmy-nominated and Associated Press award-winning TV journalist, Corey Saban has interviewed some of the world’s most respectable and recognizable figures, ranging from presidents to Pulitzer Prize winners. Throughout his 15 years covering major news stories, Saban saw how the media landscape was changing with the use of video. This led him to help launch THELAW.TV.
      About THELAW.TV 
      THE LAW.TV is the nation’s leader in online videos for lawyers. It helps law firms continually connect with new potential clients by helping them produce online videos that, in turn, they can use to educate and engage prospects via their web sites, social media, and YouTube.

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