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    Free Webinar: How to Design Your Own Blog and Website with Headway


      We’re very excited to have the Co-Founder of Headway Themes this Friday to demonstrate how to design your own blog and website with Headway!

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      Host: Grant Griffiths, Co-Founder of Headway Themes
      When: Friday, November 5th at 12PM EST
      CLE: NONE
      Description: Want a blog and website you can update and modify without having to get a web guy involved? Take full control of your website’s design with Headway for WordPress and its intuitive drag and drop layout creator. Great blog design for everyone from beginners to pros has never been faster or more flexible.

      In this demonstration, see how Headway provides:

      * Integration with Google Analytics
      * Built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities
      * Intuitive, drag and drop layout design.
      * Much, much, more!

      About the Presenter:

      Grant Griffiths has been called obsessed and crazy. Obsessed with marketing and making sure the Headway community is well taken care of. Crazy because he is not afraid to engage in a conversation on twitter about Headway. Grant has been known to even respond to inquires on the forums and in email. And when Clay lets him, he has even been known to answer a few hard questions too. You know the ones we are talking about, the “techie” ones. When he is not focusing on the marketing and support for Headway Themes he is blogging about blogging. More specifically about using a blog to kick butt with a business’ marketing.

      Register: How to Design Your Own Blog and Website with Headway

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