Free Webinar: Practical Lead Generation Strategies That Work

by rocketmatter-admin March 15, 2013

Jason RomrellLead generation is the most expensive part of the sales process, yet strategies are often selected based on nothing more than gut instincts, popular trends or ego. Regardless of what you’ve been told by marketing gurus and self-anointed “thought leaders”, the best lead generation strategies are the ones that work for you.
This discussion will focus on how to get the most out of your lead generation strategies (even those that don’t work), how to select the best strategies in the first place, and whether pay-per-lead services are right for you.
Title: Practical Lead Generation Strategies That Work
When: March 21, 2013 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST
Speaker: Jason Romrell,
Cost: Free
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Presenter, Jason Romrell graduated from law school when a gallon of gas averaged $1.15. Titanic was tearing up the box office. And that thing called “Google” was founded. He spent several years as a partner in a general practice law firm where he handled most of the firm’s marketing and handled a wide variety of cases from criminal defense to family law and complex business transactions. He later went in-house where he could mix is passion for business with his love of lawyering.
As CEO of, Jason’s primary focus is on delivering a quality service that will help lawyers worry less about their marketing and focus more on legal work or family time or hobbies. To keep his legal skills up to speed, Jason continues to practice law, representing small to mid-size businesses in a variety of matters.
Twitter: @upyourbiz
(image courtesy of the Daily Journal, photographer Hugh Williams)

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