Free White Paper: Boost Profits with Payment Plans and Recurring Billing

by rocketmatter-admin June 2, 2017

Payment plans and recurring billing are two Alternative Fee Arrangements that can help law firms collect more revenue and keep their clients happy in the process. We’ve created this short white paper for those who are unfamiliar with these AFA’s.

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can make a lot more money and provide superior client service by offering Payment Plans and Recurring Billing in your practice. You’ll learn:
• Everything you need to know about payment plans and recurring billing, including how these Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs) keep your clients happy and your cash flow consistent
• A step-by-step about how your legal practice management software can automate these AFAs in your practice
• How payment processing fits into the picture and ensures that you’re paid quickly and in full
• An inside look into Rocket Matter’s new seamless integration with credit card processing company, LexCharge
Get your free copy today! 

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