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    Funny Videos For Lawyers on a Friday


      It’s Friday and the productivity theme of our blog notwithstanding (he writes, lawyerly), it’s the official day dedicated to non-productive use of the interwebs.

      When I was in law school we didn’t have laptops, let alone YouTube.   However, the absence of YouTube most assuredly gave me the advantage of simply not being able to record and upload whatever my knucklehead law school friends and I likely would’ve, had the technology existed.  Thankfully, today’s law students have no such limitations.

      So, without further delay, I offer the following law/law-school themed videos as my suggested contribution to your non-productive Friday video surfing:

      1.   “Davis State of Mind” – UC Davis.  Runner-up in this year’s annual “Law Revue” contest sponsored by our friends over at Above The Law.
      2.   “No More I Love Yous” – Northwestern.  Highlighting that giant chasm between summer associate and associate – complete with creepy clown ballerinas.
      3.   “BarBri Girl” – NYU.   “The Bar is drasss-tic, but fantasss-tic!”

      And, for those out there who aren’t offended by (lots of) adult language, a few others.  (WARNING:  Earphones on, speakers turned down!)

      1.  (R-Rated)I Like The Law” – Boston University.   This year’s ATL “Law Revue” winner.
      2. (R-Rated) And then there’s this one – GWU, whose title is too raunchy for us to print. This one is about the kid(s) who just tried way too hard to demonstrate to everyone that s/he had Cardozo-like legal acumen …. 3 weeks into the first year of law school.   We all remember.

      And …. a recent one from us, documenting our new office remodeling.  Complete with PBS celebrity (imposter)!

      If you have an idea for a fun video, or you might be interested in appearing in a future Rocket Matter video, drop me an email at

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