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    FutureLawyer becomes a Rocket Matter Customer! And on an Android!


      If I were Keanu Reaves, I would be saying “Whoa” right now.

      What a better way to celebrate our two-year birthday than to welcome a great legal tech blogger into our community.

      Rick Georges, who two years ago took the anti-cloud position in the Mac vs PC ABA Journal article, is now on board the Rocket.  It took a little wizardry from the amazing tools Google offers (which, if you read FutureLawyer, you’ll know Rick is a fan), some evolution of Rocket Matter to get data offline, and dogged, relentless persistence on my part, but now Rick is swayed and sees the beauty of the cloud.

      Not only that, but yesterday Rick decided to activate his account and start using Rocket Matter over his Android phone.  We took some video of the process, which we’ll get up in the next few days.  Stay tuned!

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