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    How Do I Get My Bills Out in 30 Minutes?


      This is the latest edition in our quick-and-practical Q&A style videos. Questions come from social channels, keyword analysis, and readers of this blog. A transcript accompanies each video.

      How Can I Get My Bills Out in 30 Minutes?
      The question is “How do I get my bills out in 30 minutes?”.
      The answer is, you need a passive time capture system like Rocket Matter that’s going to prompt you for your time as you go through your month.
      What you’ll want to avoid is what we observed when we first started studying law firms and seeing what their workloads were like. We would see firms where people would shut down for two or three days. They would go through all their legal pads, go through all their counter events and emails and try and reconstitute what they did that month and then create the bills in Word to print out and stuff in envelopes and send to their clients. It was a massive operation.
      Contrast that to what we built with Rocket Matter to alleviate this problem. Anytime you have an event it automatically gets funneled into your invoice if you want. Anytime you have a task, add billable time with your task, or your to-do item, that’s funneled into your invoice. You have a phone message, it gets funneled into your invoice. Upload a document, prompt it for time, and it funnels into your invoice.
      Every single thing that you do in Rocket Matter, every activity that you do as a legal professional gets funneled into your invoice so at the end of the month you go to a batch billing screen (which shows across all of your matters), how much unbilled time you have and you click an “Invoice” button. This can either download a whole zip file of PDFs, or it can send out links to your clients telling them to log in to a secure portal to pay with a credit card, the invoice that you just generated. That is what is really going to set you apart and boil down that painful billing process to 30 minutes.
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