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    Should You Get "WordPress in One Hour For Lawyers"?


      I’ll spare you the suspense. Yes, get the book!
      I relished the opportunity to read and review this book for two reasons: the sleepless nights I spent years ago pulling out my hair trying to learn the software and build my own WordPress blog and website, and the author – Jennifer Ellis.
      I’ve known Jennifer for a few years and appreciate and deeply respect her knowledge and expertise in the subjects of law, technology and practice management. She’s also widely known for her encyclopedic grasp of social media and the law. But that’s another book, perhaps. Jennifer is a straight shooter and talks in plain english. So, let’s get to the talking.
      The book is divided into 10 chapters (or lessons, as they’re called). The first three lessons cover choosing a web host and domain name, and setting up WordPress on your site. Then it’s on to themes, plugins and widgets – the design and functionality of your website.
      Lesson 9 provides a great overview of SEO (search engine optimization). You can go very deep with this stuff – usually the domain of marketing agencies – but it’s good to have a basic understanding of SEO to help guide your web copy composition, link strategy, and blog content. Lesson 9 provides just that.
      Are website considered law firm advertising? The final lesson examines the often overlooked but important, ethical issues related to websites, blogging, and lawyer advertising.
      You should know that this book (or any of the other books in the ABA one-hour series) is not about building a WordPress site – or anything – in an hour. As Jennifer points out, that’s not possible. It’s about skimming through the book and becomming familiar with the tools, process and language. That, you’ll be able to do in 60 minutes. And, armed with that knowledge, you’ll be less intimidated at the prospect of getting your WordPress website or blog up and running. And, you won’t pull your hair out or lose any sleep. Well, maybe a little sleep.
      WordPress in One Hour for Lawyers is available for purchase on the ABA website.

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