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    Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Get Your Law Firm into the Cloud


      Cloud computing allows you to enjoy data safety, remote access, teamwork, and better productivity at a lower cost. Cloud-based legal practice management software is also easier to set up and use than on-premise legal software. Yet, many law firms are still hesitant to adapt to cloud-based solutions.

      If you aim to boost productivity, minimize your overhead spending, or fully utilize your remote workforce’s capabilities, cloud technology can help you achieve these goals. But first, let’s answer the million-dollar question: What IS the cloud?

      What is The Cloud?

      The Cloud allows you to run your software remotely and securely through an internet connection. In addition, the Cloud provides access to essential data, applications, tools, and other resources from any location whenever you need them.

      This explains how you can outsource much of your technology infrastructure while still maintaining control—resulting in cost savings and increased law firm productivity.

      Some benefits of cloud computing include:

      • Predictable operating expenses 
      • Maintanited business continuity 
      • Better data recovery
      • Easy access from anywhere, anytime

      Of course, these advantages are nothing new. So the question is: Why are there still so many firms that have yet to move their business into the cloud? Let’s explore some benefits of the cloud:

      Cloud-Based Legal Software Helps Your Law Firm Save Money and Increase Productivity 

      According to a recent International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) Legal Technology Survey, there is an increase in law firms that are planning to increase their adoption of cloud technology. After all, cloud computing software offers many advantages to law firms, including security, increased productivity, mobility, and 24-hour access. 

      There are many different types of cloud computing software that is available to lawyers, such as legal research platforms, CRM systems, document storage, and of course, law practice management software.

      Cloud-based legal practice management software streamlines workflows through templates, automation, and online payments. You can manage your law firm contacts, track and analyze firm data, and stay on top of the firm’s day-to-day business from anywhere at any time. Another advantage of using law practice management software is it reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing your firm to operate more efficiently.  

      A perfect example is Rocket Matter. Our cloud-based software platform combines and incorporates a number of best-of-breed features, including:

      Using these apps individually can be expensive and takes time for everyone to learn. However, learning on a single platform is quicker, confirms one Steve Senentz of Clarie Law Offices:

      “Our law firm has been using Rocket Matter since 2012. Moving to the cloud was a bit of a learning curve for some of our staff, but they quickly caught on. Since then, we have continued to grow our overall usage of Rocket Matter features and functionality. Our billable time has grown by a third, and which has, in turn, increased our collections by as much as 25 percent!”

      Because the Cloud takes care of most of the work for you, you won’t have to waste valuable IT resources (like time OR money) on things like server maintenance, bug fixes, or software updates. This alone can save your firm thousands of dollars every year.

      Offer Security While Making Your Client Happier

      Millennials (and many other of today’s legal clients) expect the sensitive information they share with law firms to be secure while meeting the demand for more convenient and technology-based interactions. Unfortunately, many traditional law firms are not only slow to adopt cloud technology and provide the services that this generation demands, but they are also failing to protect themselves and their clients from cyber threats and theft ingeneral. 

      Hackers and thieves often target law firms because they can serve as one-stop shops for sensitive documents and information. Using “ransomware” is also on the rise: Hackers encrypt firm files, render them inaccessible, and then demand a fee to restore access to the files.

      If you keep documents stored on your computer in the form of spreadsheets, Word documents, and notes, a hacker would just need to access your computer to have access to all of this information. Whereas on the cloud, we encode data so that anyone without the encryption “key” can’t read it. This adds a much-needed extra layer of protection.

      After all, maintaining a high level of service quality protects your company’s reputation in the industry and naturally increases client retention. So, if you’re not in the cloud, what are you waiting for?

      Work From Anywhere While Staying In-Sync

      With a reliable internet connection, you can work from anywhere. And with most established cloud services offering mobile apps, you can use almost any device you desire.

      What is the result? Flexibility allows your employees to enjoy a better work-life balance without sacrificing their productivity. Many employees find the home office appealing, and cloud-based services make it even more accessible.

      Before the Cloud, documents and information had to be sent back and forth as email attachments or paper files. If changes were needed or if files were updated, this information became increasingly hard to track and maintain.

      Since the cloud houses all your data in a central location, it allows firms of all sizes to stay up to date with their contacts, calendars, case information, and even documents and invoices. Everyone in the firm has access to ONE version of the truth. This real-time digital visibility leads to better collaboration, which ultimately leads to better work and a healthier bottom line. If you still use the old way, it could be time to streamline your process.

      Recover From Disaster in A Proactive Manner

      If your firm lacks the right solutions and doesn’t have substantial recovery protocols in place, disasters can quickly set a business back. According to research, 93% of companies that experience a significant data loss will have to file for bankruptcy within a year.

      It’s important to protect your firm and information against theft and natural disasters. With the correct disaster recovery setup, the risk of bankruptcy and data loss reduces significantly.

      Cloud-based solutions such as Rocket Matter store client data off-premise in enterprise-grade data centers. This means you won’t lose any information if the power goes out or if your devices are damaged or stolen, allowing you to pick up where you left off with no hit to your business.

      Maintain a Competitive Advantage

      Some believe that the legal profession has a reputation for being purposefully sluggish to adapt to technology, although it is, in fact, steadily adopting cloud computing. More businesses are looking to use technology to improve the security of their client data while also lowering costs, increasing productivity, and increasing customer happiness.

      As many attorneys shift to a modern approach that emphasizes efficiency, convenience, and client-friendly procedures, law firms that proactively adopt cloud-based legal technology will no doubt gain a significant advantage over their competitors.

      Moving to the Cloud has far too many benefits for legal firms to ignore. If you’re interested in seeing how Rocket Matter’s cloud-based legal practice management software can help your firm, schedule a FREE personalized demo today!

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