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    Getting to Know Rocket Matter Legal Software's New Advanced Search


      Our “Boldly Go” release introduces the first upgrade to our Global Intelligent Search (GIS) since our legal software’s inception, six years ago last month.
      We at Rocket Matter are keeping the initials GIS but we’ve changed the acronym to Galactic Interdimensional Search. The new functionality is that powerful for running your law firm.
      From every page, typing in a couple of letters reveals possible search options broken down by matter, contact, client, tags, or billable item.  By way of example:

      Clicking on “Search Options” below the search box  brings up the advanced search page.  Based on what types of records in Rocket Matter you’re searching, different criteria will present themselves.  Below is a view of the search screen when you’re looking for matter information.

      We anticipate heavy usage of our advanced search, so we incorporated a way to save your commonly used searches and recall them easily. Take a look at the video below to see the new GIS in action.

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