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    Go Paperless with a Free Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500


      Ask any lawyer who’s attended a legal technology seminar in the past four years and they’ll tell you: the war drums beat ever louder about the need to go paperless. Katrina and other disaster victims often preach the loudest.

      It’s kind of a mind-boggling to imagine a law firm with no paper, filing cabinets, or accordion folders. But yet the promised land does exists and attorneys are already there.

      Getting to this sublime state of legal efficiency requires 3 things: motivation, process, and hardware. In May, we’re going to be talking about the first two of these items as we roll out improvements to Legal Productivity’s related cloud legal software product, Rocket Matter, and its improved document upload capabilities.

      But right away we can help with the hardware issue: we’re giving away two Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500’s, considered the best scanners for small and solo law firms. You can enter with a friend and increase your odds of winning at least one. Or you can be greedy and keep both.

      It takes 30 seconds to enter our scanner giveaway contest:

      * Like us on our Facebook fan page.
      * Click on the “Sweepstakes” link with the picture of the scanner on our page and register.

      Good luck!

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