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    Google+ for Lawyers Webinar Wrap-Up


      Our webinar wrap-up posts generally include a link to the slides. Not this time. Instead, it was all video, all conversation, all the time. And, it was brilliant. Stephan Futeral and Tina Willis shared screen time discussing and demonstrating how lawyers can use Google+. A recording of the webinar will be up next week on Rocket Academy.
      Meanwhile, here are a few question we didn’t have time to handle during the webinar, and to which our hosts generously provided answers:
      1. Can a Google+ Hangout video be streamed to a company website that has a Vimeo link, if it is hosted on YouTube?
      Hangouts tie into Youtube. There is a workaround to set up a live broadcast of your Youtube channel on a Facebook page. However, the live broadcast does not tie into Vimeo.
      2. What drives the “Map” results? Is the marketing goal here to get high organic rankings for Google searches? And to get on the “Map” section of organic results?
      What drives the map results is verifying your business location through Google. There are two primary ways to do this: via mail (using information sent to you by Google) or by telephone (using your local business phone number and a pin number provided by Google). Verifying your address will help to improve your rankings through local SEO. In part, it helps to refine searches to the user’s locality.
      3. Please address the question of privacy of my info and the personally identifiable information of those people I encourage to join my Google+ network. Specifically, is it ethical for me to give Google the capacity to track and learn about my clients and colleagues?
      Regarding the ethics of tracking your activities online, suffice it to say that if you are surfing the internet via Google or not, your activities can be tracked. For most states, the standard for ethical compliance is whether you acted reasonable to preserve the confidentiality of client information. To that end, you should review your state’s ethics guidelines regarding the content of your posts, whether you can share vignettes or verdict/settlement info, etc.
      4. What if you have more than one google account/gmail address that you use? For example, I have 4 accounts and various people know me by all of them and add me to their circles under all of them. How do I decide which one to use as my main one and for a biz page? Is there a way to “link” accounts/pages?
      There is no mechanism to merge multiple Google email accounts. If you are going to narrow down to a single account, it is possible to merge account information using “Google Takeout.” Takeout will transfer and merge information from a source account, including calendars, contacts, Google + Circles, Google Plus Pages, profile info, mail, and much more, into a destination account.
      5. How secure is Google+? For example, can I limit attendees on Hangouts>
      Regarding Google Hangouts, there is some measure of security, but the answer is technical. Google Hangouts take place between two individual parties over Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). However, Hangouts doesn’t support off-the-record (OTR) encryption, which provides a secure, end-to-end connection between users. So, chat messages used during a Hangout could theoretically be read by third parties. Having said all that, the technology also exists to eavesdrop on your cellular phone conversations. Again, it comes down to whether you’ve taken reasonable precautions, as determined by your state’s ethics commission, in your communications. As for attendees, it is invitation only, so you don’t have to worry about third parties jumping into your session.
      6. Do I have to create a Google email for my company since I have a Google+ account under my personal Google email or can I have both a personal and a company Google+ account under the one email?
      You can have your personal profile and company page under one email.
      Thanks, guys!
      Also, check out Tina’s piece that just came out on Law Technology Today: Law Practice Related Goals For Google Hangouts.

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