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    Need Help With a Google Product? Check Out the New Google Tips!


      If you want to send an email, create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, communicate on social media, store pictures, analyze your website and blog, and a host of other activities, there’s a Google service or application for it. Heck, they even have a pretty good search engine.
      Many helpful sites, including this blog, provide tips and tricks to help you navigate Google products and become proficient. Now you can go to the source with the new Google Tips.
      In typical Google fashion, the site is stripped down to bare essentials: rows of cards organized by mobile, home, office, and product.
      Click on a card:

      And it flips over to reveal the answer:

      Tips range from basic to unique to creative. Or cute, like how to have your own special Google Doodle on your birthday. Browse the cards to find tips and tricks you hadn’t even considered.
      Have a suggestion for a new tip card? Click on “Suggest a Card.” You’ll need to sign in to your Gmail account to access Google Tips.
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