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    Use Matter Templates to Automate Your Firm’s Workflow


      Odds are, you create the same kinds of matters over and over again.  You have the same deadlines, same roles in the case, and the same tasks you have to complete.

      Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to create those things by hand?  Turns out you don’t.

      Rocket Matter’s new Matter Templates feature really helps automate all of these mundane and daily tasks that makes your billable time evaporate and open your firm up to human error. With only a few clicks, Matter Templates allow you to create paperless checklists for yourself and your staff, account for dealing with a quirky judge, automate filing deadlines, and put some time-saving processes in place.

      Building and implementing templates also allows you to maintain consistency across your matters. Recent improvements to the software include feature improvements such as assigning events and tasks to roles instead of actual users and layering on as many templates as you need for matters already in progress.

      Matter Templates can help automate your workflow and remind you about essential correspondence, deadlines, events, and tasks that are fairly standard across a matter type that comes through your office. Milestones allow you to trigger sub-tasks or other due dates that rely on the occurrence of an event or the completion of a phase in the case. The great thing about managing your own templates is that they can be built, customized, and modified by your firm, so the workflows will match how your firm does business. With Matter Templates, you can tighten up processes while you grow.

      What’s the best way to use templates in your practice? When I’ve advised our users on the easiest way to get a working template going, I always ask them to think about the following questions before getting started:

      Do you want to create the templates yourselves or would you like help doing them (Rocket Matter offers this service)?

      When are you going to be using this template? Is it at the beginning of the case? This is a basic template type that you can create for all your matters.

      What if the case moves to a different phase? If it settles, there’s a modification of spousal support, you’re served with discovery, preparing for trial, or you withdraw. All of these are smaller templates that you can layer on depending on what happens so you can automate a standard set of tasks and events to stay on top of things.

      When building any templates, think about case types and descriptions, common characters and fields, and events, tasks, and deadlines that are the same. Then automate them! Get out those paper checklists and use them as a guideline to get you started. Once you’re done, you’ve taken your firm one step closer to being paperless. In reducing your firm’s long-term administrative burden, you’re free to focus on successfully resolving your client’s matters with a lot less stress.

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