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    GTD for Legal: Do it, defer it, and delegate it; the two minute rule; and organizing your practice


      As part of our weeklong legal efficiency-fest, we’re discussing the Getting Things Done productivity system in the context of a law firm.  Each day this week, we’ll write guest posts at prominent legal blogs exploring the system in more detail.

      Today we’re very excited for a new guest blog experience at Lawyerist, a very progressive source of information for attorneys.  I’ve had a number of converstations with Lawyerist’s Sam Glover, a brilliant writer and technology tinkerer, who has reviewed Rocket Matter a couple of times.  Click here to read the full blog post:

      In our series so far we’ve discussed the basics of GTD, and introduced important concepts.  We looked at writing your to-do’s as “Next Action” items, and aggressively capturing all “open loops” (incomplete items).  Now it’s time to start looking at organizing and prioritizing.

      When you capture items needing attention, via your initial Mind-Sweep or daily activity, you’ll need to put them into an inbox for processing, whether physical or virtual.  You’ll also have an email inbox to look through as well.  It’s at this point you need to decide whether to Do it, Defer it, or Delegate it.

      Do it: The Two Minute Rule

      You look at an item in your inbox.  Can you take care of it in two minutes?

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