GTD for Legal: The Weekly Review and Wrap-Up

by rocketmatter-admin July 17, 2009

We hoped you enjoyed our discussion this week of Getting Things Done for Lawyers!  Each day this week, we explored different aspects of GTD, hosted on prominent Legal Blogs.  Below are the links:

Day 1: Commencing GTD Week – Getting Things Done for Lawyers

Day 2: How and Why a Lawyer Should Implement a GTD System

Day 3: Capturing and Transforming “Stuff” into Next Action Items

Day 4: Do it, defer it, and delegate it; the two minute rule; and organizing your practice

Day 5: The Weekly Review

Nicole Black, writer, attorney, blogger, foodie, and expert social media pro, is today’s host of the post!  If you aren’t following Nicole on Twitter you’re missing out, and she creates great content at Sui Generis and Practicing Law in the 21st Century.  Click here to read the full article:

A perfect way to wrap our Legal Getting Things Done Week is a discussion of the Weekly Review, one of the most important ideas in the GTD system.  In fact, I would argue that if you were going to take away one thing from GTD, implementing the Weekly Review will keep you in touch with your priorities and prevent your organizational system from coming unhinged.

What is the Weekly Review?

It’s a simple concept, but harder than it sounds.  You need to find an hour or two each week.  Block off time on your calendar where the phone can’t ring and the door can’t open.  For a busy attorney this can be very difficult, since deadlines, opposing counsel, and judges can pop in at any time.

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