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    GTD for the Law Office Using Rocket Matter – An Intro


      We’re big GTDers. I met David Allen at my last job and got organized with a hipster PDA and perfectly labeled file folders. But now, I use Rocket Matter for my GTD system.

      It seems odd that I might use an online legal practice management and time and billing solution for my GTD system.

      When we designed Rocket Matter, we wanted to offer users a revolutionary way to trap their billable time through our Bill As You Work (TM) technology.

      And we wanted to come up with a flexible organizational system.

      We built this notion of a User Dashboard, where you can see all of your calendar events and to-do’s at a glance.  You can quickly capture next actions, then assign them to matters.

      Matters in our system allow you to trap your file information, but really they can organize any information. So, you can just as easily create a matter “Rocket v. Matter” as you can a matter called “@Phone”, and assign a to-do item to either one.

      You can easily re-assign a to-do item from one matter to another, allowing you to easily track your next actions.  And with Rocket Matter, all to-do’s can be converted into billable activity.

      Look for more upcoming posts on Rocket Matter and GTD in the future!

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