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    Hate Facebook and Twitter? Try Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest for Social Networking


      Not every social media channel is for everyone. If you don’t enjoy Twitter, don’t spend a lot of time there. Hate Facebook or LinkedIn? Get outtathere.
      If you’re not going to be active on these communities, the important thing is that you claim your profile on these places so no one else can. And for LinkedIn, if you can use it as a glorified resume and rolodex, you’re halfway towards productive usage already.
      One thing you might want to consider if you can’t stand the constant disruption of Facebook and Twitter is looking at three alternatives which are fundamentally different that the typical news-feed oriented social network: Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest.
      Think of these social networks like real networks: some people hang out at the Chamber of Commerce, others at Rotary, others at Kiwanis, etc. Just as you find your club in real life, you should try a bunch of online hangouts until you find one you can spend a lot of time on.


      Quora is a community based on asking and answering question. As such, it’s a good place to find opinions in and of itself. It’s also a chance to answer some legal questions, as long as you disclaim that it’s not considered a consultation and no attorney-client privilege is inferred from the exchange. Quora makes it easy to do this.
      Since you’re dealing with one subject at a time, you don’t have to deal with a lot of the noise and disruption you encounter with Facebook and especially Twitter. This lack of attention-stealing may appeal to people who get fatigued by the traditional channels.
      Right now I’m trying to make an infographic and am using both Quora and Reddit to solicit feedback. My question is: Law: Do you have any absurd laws in your state or jurisdiction?
      Follow me on Quora, and I’ll follow you back!


      Reddit is a monster. At first glance, it has a kind of Craigslist wonder – rudimentary design embraced by an enormous user base. Expect Reddit to become more and more important for content marketing in the future. Good content marketing, that is.
      Reddit allows people to post links and questions, which then get commented on and voted up and down. The more upvotes you get, and the more comments you add, the more Reddit points you earn, which allow you to post more frequently.
      You will probably delve into “subreddits”, focused on specific topics, like Entertainment, Law, Web Design, or other. It’s the wild west, and there’s a lot of stuff that’s NSFW (not safe for work), so watch out!!
      If you’re producing great content, Reddit can get your stuff in front of a ton of people. If your content is lousy, then you’re not going to get any upvotes. Reddit is a meritocracy and the good stuff rises to the top.
      Check out my Reddit profile.


      I love Pinterest. I’m a visual person. Pinterest merely allows you to collect all of your favorite images into your account, which you can then share and show the world.
      It reminds me of LinkedIn in its archival ability. Instead of saving every contact you’ve met, you save every image worth hanging on to.
      Some people like Pinterest because it gives them ideas for recipes, art projects, or things to purchase. I personally like it because I love and find inspiration from mid-20th century art. It drive our marketing ideas for Rocket Matter, our online legal software company.
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