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    How Law Firms Can Automate Matter Creation with Templates


      Does your law firm handle the same types of cases over… and over… and over again? And when you set up your matters, do you have to spend time setting up the same tasks, deadlines, and data fields?

      Rocket Matter solves this problem with Matter Templates. Let’s say, by way of example, you’re an estate planning attorney and you want to create a matter for a basic estate plan.

      Instead of having to create the same workflow over and over again, with all those manual and tedious steps, in Rocket Matter you do this once. You create a template for containing all of the tasks, calendar events, relationships, and custom fields. Then, when you’re ready to create a new matter, you simply choose your predefined template.

      All of your dates are calculated, all of your data fields are set up properly, it’s a beautiful thing.

      Templates don’t have to encompass the entire lifecycle of a matter. They can also be defined for phases of a matter, so you can define, for example, tasks for intake vs pretrial prep separately.

      You can also assign tasks to roles. In Rocket Matter, you can create paralegal, associate, or partner roles, then assign people to those roles. In your templates, you can assign work to any of those roles, so that calendar items and tasks show up on their radar.

      See more with this video so you can streamline your matter creation process today:

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