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    How Lawyers Can Help Our Veterans


      help veterans
      Tomorrow, November 11th, is Veterans Day, a public holiday that honors our military veterans. Of course, every American citizen should celebrate these heroes. We certainly do at Rocket Matter.
      In fact, earlier this year we featured Mick Wagoner at one of our Legal Freedom Fighters. Mick served in the United States Marine Corp for more than 23 years and also founded the Veterans Legal Support Network, a nonprofit in Omaha, Nebraska dedicated to helping veterans in Nebraska and the surrounding areas with legal needs. It was a great interview and definitely one worth reading.
      Lawyers can get involved with the Veterans Legal Support Network if they want to help. Here are some other great organizations to contact if you want to provide legal services to veterans:
      Stateside LegalA site where service members, veterans, their family members and advocates can find legal information and networking tools. Lawyers can give legal advice and become part of the advocate network.
      American Bar Association: They provide pro bono resources for veterans. You can search for such organizations by state and get involved.
      The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program: As explained on this organization’s website, “The Program recruits and trains attorneys and evaluates court appeals for merit. The trained volunteer attorneys are then matched with a client whose appeal has merit.” Also, the program works with law school clinics throughout the country, and they provide critical learning materials, train professors and law students, and give them screened pro bono cases.
      The Center for Veterans Advancement:  This organization provides direct representation, or representation through pro bono partners, to veterans and their families both locally and nationally.  The Center also manages legal clinics, including one of the largest pro bono advocacy programs in the country.

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