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    How Lawyers Can Power Process Their E-mail. Become an Inbox Conquistador


      Email is a total drag, both figuratively and literally. There you sit, before a full inbox, and heaven only knows what you’ll find.

      Your inbox is not just something you have to process: it contains hopes, fears, desires, and all sorts of emotions that can pop out and manipulate your psyche. Not only that, as you very well know, it can suck your day clean away.

      So we at Rocket Matter are very excited to present a full webinar on the subject of being an email conquistador.

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      Date: Friday, February 18th, 2011
      Time: 12PM – 1:15PM EST
      Host: Kendall Coffey, Paul H. Burton
      Price: FREE
      CLE Status: PENDING approval in FL.


      In 60 short minutes, you will learn:

      * Six QuickTips to better use your e-mail as a communication tool.
      * Five categories into which all e-mail can be triaged.
      * Three built-in tools in Microsoft Outlook you can leverage to manage all your e-mail.
      * The single most effective process for reviewing and managing all that is on your plate.

      About the Presenter:

      In past lives, Paul H. Burton has been a corporate finance attorney for a law firm, a professional services director for a software company, and a dot-com entrepreneur. For the past six years, he has been a speaker, author, trainer and coach working with clients who believe individuals drive organizational success.

      Click Here to Register for How Lawyers Can Power Process Their E-mail!

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