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    How to Avoid Growing Pains in Your Firm With Proven Technology Processes


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      When you’re a solo or only have a few people in your firm, managing technology is fairly simple and you might need minimal, if any, outside tech support.  However, as you add on associates, paralegals, and support staff, you will face tech issues that did not exist when your firm was smaller.
      While your firm grows, you’ll have less and less time to dedicate to every single thing that requires your attention. And unless you are ready for it, your firm will enter into a reactive approach to managing and dealing with technology. Switching back to being proactive becomes increasingly difficult at this point because either you or your office manager are juggling multiple positions and roles within the practice. Managing technology is just one of those many roles.
      The longer you stay in this reactive state of managing technology—and attempt to continue trying to manage tech yourself or in-house—the more the efficiency in your firm will continue to erode. Technology tends only to be addressed when urgent, leading to technology solutions being haphazardly thrown out and  duct-tape fixes attempted by people not qualified to do so.
      Jim Alampi, who founded Alampi & Associates, LLC  to assist CEOs and companies in developing business strategies and improving leadership practices, wrote in Entrepreneur, “As revenue increases, so does the complexity of running the business. An increase in the number of people, locations and technology systems usually results in an exponential increase in the complexity of managing an organization. Too often, activities like adding new employees, opening remote locations and setting up additional databases and technology systems can bring a company to a painful stop as it tries to grapple with the growing pains and find solutions.”
      Yes, it can be challenging to manage the increased complexities within your firm as it grows—but it doesn’t have to be. It’s all about having the proper processes in place. For instance, if you or your office manager have created and implemented a way to manage all things technical within the office, you are likely to avoid some of the painful growing pains such as reduced efficiency, increased frustration, and higher turnover.
      Join us for our webinar to learn how to do just that. You will learn how to break this cycle of reactivity and implement a set of proven technological processes within your firm. You will also learn how to reset the way technology is being managed within your firm so you can free up precious time for yourself of your office manager. That way you can focus on higher ROI-generating activities.
      Tom Lambotte is the CEO of GlobalMacIT, the largest and fastest-growing national managed service provider offering complete end-to end legal technology services to Mac-based law firms. To date, lawyers all over the United States have significantly improved their efficiencies through the company’s streamlined, proven processes. Tom is also the author of Macs in Law: the Definitive Guide for the Mac-Curious, Windows-Using Attorney,  Hassle-Free Mac I.T. Support for Law Firms, and Legal Boost: Big Profits Through an I.T. Transformation. He speaks at many high-profile events such as ABA TECHSHOW and MacTrack Legal and he has been published in many national blogs and publications.

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