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    How to Increase Your Blogging Productivity With Evernote


      We’re big believers in blogging and love Evernote, so it was just a matter of time before we combined the two for an optimized blogging experience.

      Evernote can be used to store blog post ideas, links, images, quotes, and drafts of posts. Compose and access information via Evernote’s desktop application, mobile app or the website. Information is saved as you type and syncs across all devices.

      1. Create a blog notebook in Evernote. Evernote is organized by notebooks and notes. Create a “Blog” notebook which will host your blog post ideas. Come across an interesting post, Twitter update or Facebook conversation you’d like to expand upon? Or, inspired when reading a book, watching television or having a conversation? Open your laptop or phone and quickly create a new note in the blog notebook, add a title (or subject) and that’s it! Each new blog post idea is contained within a new note. Before long, you’ll have dozens of ideas waiting to be explored.

      2. Add to posts in progress. Some of us take a bit longer than others to research and compose a post. At times my law librarian background hamstrings me when I attempt to research and gather way more information than needed. Add (and delete) thoughts, links and text as you come across them. Add images too as searching for the perfect one can be a huge time suck when getting ready to publish the piece.

      3. Compose a draft post – When it’s time to sit down and write the post, you now have a slew of options that includes in varying degrees, a title, text, links and images. Flesh out the post, paying no attention to formatting and you’re now ready to transfer our post to your blogging platform of choice. My hands down favorite is WordPress. There’ll you can add formatting. Remember to copy and paste the Evernote draft into the HTML editor and not the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress.

      As my blogging has increased over the years I’ve tried a bunch of applications and processes to streamline the process, and Evernote has been the most effective. And if you’ve overflowing with ideas – a good problem to have – and stored a ton of notes, Evernote has a robust search feature.

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